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It is noted for being the episode in which Butters Stotch is introduced as a major supporting character for the first time. Outside, the boys rejoice their triumph of saving the day and Stan realizes that the others are just normal kids like him. On the night, we arrived to find the bathers lobster-pink and rather jolly, probably thanks to bath beers. Three gentlemen and I found ourselves disrobing and sinking into the hot spring water for what turned out to be a long and very pleasant chat. The ATF accidentally launch the missile and it destroys three other houses. The wives leave Randy and Gerald outside in the hot tub, who declare the present evening to be a night of experimenting. They choose to have a night of experimentation while Gerald explains he is smoking a cigar because he never has before.

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4. Hot Tub Roundtable— Penis Taboo

All the while, the party-goers who progressively become drunk inside are unaware of their presence. After dropping Shelly off at Cartman's homethe Marshes and Stan are off to a party at the home of Mr. Mackey gives the Broflovskis and Marshes a tour of his home and leads them out to the hot tub. South Park season 3 List of South Park episodes. Randy and Gerald share an embarrassing intimate moment in a hot tub. The credits roll with a parody version of Cher 's " Believe " which the ATF used to drown out the party-goers in an effort for them to submit, unaware that Mackey was playing the same song and which everyone enjoyed. The attendants told us it was time to bathe before dinner, and so we split up, divided by genders.

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